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AP Racing Competition Front Big Brake Kit Chevrolet C6 Corvette

Complete front brake system for C6 Corvettes, complies with SCCA T1 regulations
  • Clears OEM C6 Z06 OEM wheels without spacer
  • Discs are interchangeable with base C6 OEM discs
  • Caliper pistons sized properly to allow for seamless integration with OEM master cylinder and ABS system

  • Don't forget to choose your pads!
    Pricing: $2,599.00

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    Essex and AP Racing have teamed up to create the ultimate Sprint brake system for C6 Corvettes. Designed specifically to comply with SCCA T1 regulations, this brake system provides a laundry list of benefits for any Corvette racer or track enthusiast. The system was designed with the, "bigger isn't always better" philosophy firmly in mind, and every component in the system was carefully chosen to eliminate weight, improve durability, and keep consumable costs (pads and discs) at a minimum. Our system is built around real race parts, not modified street parts. That means no disintegrating dust boots or faded red paint. It also means that you finally have the chance to get your hands on technology that has traditionally been reserved for professional racers: Stainless steel pistons, anti-knockback springs, high temperature seals, 70 vane racing discs...the list goes on. We gathered quite a bit of customer feedback during the development of our system, and did our best to integrate as many customer requests as possible. As a result, our system offers a number of unique features not offered by other products on the market:
  • Complies with SCCA T1 rules for C6 Corvettes
  • Clears OEM C6 Z06 wheels without spacer (check fit with base C6 wheels)
  • Included AP Racing discs are the same size as OEM C6 base discs, allowing them to be interchanged at will (Please note, OEM-style replacement discs from different manufacturers have varying tolerances. )
  • Caliper Specs

  • Caliper Type: Two-piece, four piston, forged aluminum alloy
  • Applications: Road course, time trial, autoX, rally, circle track
  • Finish: Anodized with painted logo
  • Piston Type: Stainless steel with 4lb. anti-knockback springs
  • Standard Piston Size:Differential bore: 38.1mm X2 & 41.2mm X2
  • Seals: High temperature, low drag, without dust boots
  • Hardware: Stainless steel wear plates & mounting bosses. Integrated bleed screw and crossover protection
  • Weight: 4.8lbs. unloaded (without pads)
  • Rotor Specs

    AP Racing's Heavy Duty J Hook Racing Discs were specifically designed to handle racetrack abuse. These are the same discs used on the fastest cars at the elite level of motorsports, including ALMS, NASCAR Sprint Cup, etc. They provide increased cooling, less judder, fewer cracks, and an increased service life vs. competing discs. When you run an AP disc, you can be confident that you're using the best parts available at any price point.

    Most aftermarket discs have 30 to 48 vanes. Many times those vanes are straight, or non-directional, with a sub-optimal amount of space between disc faces. After extensive CFD and thermal stress analysis, AP designed the Heavy Duty J Hook with 70 vanes and a wide 16.5mm air gap to increase airspeed and heat transfer, while reducing deflection and remaining reasonably lightweight.

    The increased directional vane count on the J Hook Heavy Duty Disc amplifies air speed through the disc, reduces air recirculation between vents, and also increases convective heat transfer and heat distribution. In other words, both air and heat move more quickly and evenly through the disc, creating increased stability under the extreme loads of racetrack use. The disc is less prone to coning, distortion, and cracking, while providing cooler running temperatures, less brake fade, reduced judder, and a longer service life.

    Stainless Steel Lines

    Stated simply, some of the automotive brake lines currently on the market are downright frightening. Looking at the fitting and assembly quality makes you wonder where the parts came from, and who put them together. Low grade carbon steel fittings, sloppy stainless weave, no abrasion coatings, substandard linings…the list goes on. When you consider that your brake lines are the critical safety link between your foot and your calipers, these facts aren’t exactly comforting. Not only are some of these parts suspect, it can take forever to actually receive them after placing an order.

    Spiegler does things a little differently. While you may not be familiar with the Spiegler name, they’ve been a trusted producer of stainless steel brake lines in the motorcycle racing industry for some time. Every component in a Spiegler brake line is manufactured to exacting standards in the USA or Western Europe, and these premium components are then hand assembled and tested at Spiegler’s facilities in Dayton, Ohio. You can buy Spiegler Stainless Steel Brake Lines with confidence, knowing that you’ll be receiving the finest product available for your car.


    Based on everything learned during development, this system offers our customers the following advantages over the OEM base C6 brake system:
  • Clears OEM C6 Z06 wheels without a spacer
  • Over 8lbs. of unsprung weight reduction from each front corner of the car vs the stock system, or 16+ lbs. of unsprung weight reduction from the car.
  • Incredible array of inexpensive race pad options at prices that are nearly $100 lower per set than the OEM pad shape.
  • These pads are large/thick enough to handle typical lapping/race sessions
  • Mitigation of pad knockback due to 4lb. anti-knockback springs in the calipers
  • Less chance of damaging bleed screws or crossover tubes when changing wheels due to built-in protection
  • Caliper finish that is more resistant to wear and deterioration
  • Stainless steel caliper hardware for a long caliper service life under frequent pad change conditions
  • High temperature, low drag seals that will hold up to track temps better than OEM components= less rebuilding and longer service life
  • No dust boots to burn up and make a big mess
  • Simple pad change with one bolt and no spring clips (rather than tapping out the pins)
  • Extremely compact package for superior wheel fitment
  • Stainless steel pistons that keep heat out of your brake fluid to resist fluid fade during extended track sessions
  • Lifetime professional caliper rebuilding support by Essex (at a fee)- pull off your calipers, send them to us, we clean, inspect, and rebuild them
  • High airflow, heavy duty AP Racing J Hook brake discs that are over 1lbs. lighter than the OEM units, available at an extremely competitive replacement price ($250 each).
  • AP Racing J Hook slot design that gives more pad bite/feel, and distributes heat evenly throughout the disc
  • Disc metallurgy specifically designed to handle the temps typically seen on track offers a long service life
  • Highest quality, Spiegler stainless steel brake line with clear sheath that reduces compliance over OEM rubber design.
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