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Mitoshi Kakimoto first started as a Formula 3 driver, who relied on every single part of his racecar to function. He then created his first team in 1993, which helped cement his Buddy Club products as a prestigious brand. By 1999 Buddy Club was sponsoring multiple teams in the Japanese Car Touring circuit, and by 2001 had achieved another momentous occasion by entering the Taiwanese market. Soon after, Buddy Club was introduced to the United States in 2003, and by 2005 they were also being distributed to Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Thailand, Singapore, and China.

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Description: ntroducing Buddy Club Racing Spec Seat Rail! The Buddy Club Super Low Down seat rail works with Buddy Club bucket seats and many other side mount racing buckets, i.e. Mugen, Bride, Sparco, Momo....More Details »
Item #: BC08-RSBSRAP1-L
Condition: New
Price: $175.00
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