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APR Performance has been a market leader in the manufacturing and high-quality aerodynamic performance products since 1999. APR uses a computational fluid dynamic (CFD) analysis that is combined with real-world track testing, allowing for the assurance that their products meet stringent specifications. Utilizing pre-preg. carbon fiber composites allow for the production of products that are durable, lightweight, and high quality.

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GT Wings
GT Wings create downforce on the rear end of your car. This added force pushes your tires into the ground creating greater friction and faster lap times!
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Description: Best-in-class Lift vs Drag (L/D) ratio ensures peak performance - This Nissan 350Z GT-250 is 71 inches in length with an optimized 2D airfoil shape, featuring a 2D airfoil shape that is designed to...More Details »
Item #: AS-206758
Condition: New
Price: $1,599.00
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